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              Loowi King Cube @ Loowi artToys
                     Loowi® is an original inventor and manufacturer of educational construction artToys.

                     Loowi® King Cube @ Loowi® artToys, Simplification in Structure, Fine Carving in Machining, Echo of Step by Step in Playing, Passion from Model by Model in Construction, True to Name of King Cube

                     Loowi® King Cube --- The King of Cube Bricks in Construction Toys, with design inspiration from the magnificent the Great Wall.
                     Why is it called as King Cube? Only One Structure with Two Convexs and Four Concaves, Unique & Powerful - That is the King of Cubes.

              Loowi King Cube - Only One & Powerful

                     Loowi® King Cube, Model LWKC137, Barcode 6953123801372, Colorful Box 303x195x65mm
              Loowi King Cube, Colorful Box, LWKC137, Barcode 6953123801372
              Loowi®, To Guide Children Loving artToys!
              Commodity: Loowi® King Cube
              Model: LWFKW137
              Suitable for 3+ Ages
              QTY: 137pcs/box
              Color: Red 32pcs, Yellow 4pcs, Blue 98pcs, Black 3pcs
              Barcode: 6953123801372
              Order No.: 01372
              Outsizes: 303*195*65mm/box
              Gross Weight: ~0.91kgs/unit
              MSRP(Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price): RMB152/box

              Loowi® artToys, High Level Toys&Gifts
              Recommendation: Like to play towards smarter! To play together is more fun!
              Recommendation: Skillful in Hands and so Clever in Mind. A Special Gift with Art Education & Intelligence Handworks Skills.
              Manufacturer: Xiamen Loowi Toys Co.,Ltd.